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Be Your Best Body and Mind

Practised by yogis through the millennia to prepare for intense sadhana (spiritual practice) to realize their ultimate goal, Angamardana is deeply rooted in the ancient yogic sciences (along with Kalaripayattu – known as the mother of all modern martial arts).

 Believed to have been developed by the infamous yogi Agastya Muni who was one of the Sapta Rishis (seven disciples of Adi Yogi or Shiva), Angamardana’ means to gain complete mastery over the limbs, organs and other parts of the body by utilizing the knowledge about human system through conditioning your body and mind in such a design that leaves you in the best physical and mental state, capability.

That everybody must meet with a moment to revitalise and rejuvenate the body on all its levels - muscular, cardiovascular, skeletal and the nervous order, Asli Hatha Yoga offers to learn this art through the knowledge and experience of Sadhguru . Angamardana is an ancient and an authentic yogic process that aids in striking a level of fitness , which is apparently missing these days owing to the current lifestyle.
More than just a workout - Angamardana is a complete process of 'ultimate fitness' beyond the regular idea of muscle building and cardiovascular. Reaching such a level where fitness and energy comes effortless since your adapts to the regime and you enjoy so. Whether you want to run up a mountain, sit absorbed in meditation or work continuously and stay focused - Angamardana can deliver true fitness. Angamardana is about strengthening the mind and cultivating the energy system (pranamayakosha) therefore allowing you to take your body far beyond the capacity offered by common forms of exercise.
A series of 31 dynamic processes to invigorate the body and revitalise all the bodily systems, including muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems, Angmardana is used to culture the body and prepare it for the deeper practices of Yoga. Let Your Physical and Mental Capacities be Lucrative.

Benefits of Practicing Angamardana

Sadhguru (Founder of Isha Hatha Yoga) Speaks about Angamardana.

“If you really want to be successful in life then the body and mind need to be strong and focused. Instead of being a barrier, they must become your strength.”

Angamardana is a fitness system rooted in ancient yogic practices along with Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art. It comprises 4 sets of practices: standing, squatting, sitting and laying down. Angamardana offers the opportunity to invigorate the body and reach the peak physical and mental health.

This course is for anyone 16 years and over and can be taken by someone with no previous experience of yoga. 

Asli Angamardana course stretches over a week.

You shall be trained by the adept experts about 4 sessions , each for 2 hours.

Post-Workshop Support

Once the workshop is complete , you may seek guidance through additional mentoring sessions which aid you in maintaining practice.

Designed by Sadhguru , Angamardana  needs no fitness equipment or apparatus. 

All you need is yourself !

Certified of Isha Foundation, the Yoga experts at Asli Ayurveda , look to share the benefits of this wonder.

This is going to change your life and find you blissful for good.