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At Asli, we strive to make the planet a better, more abundant place to live for future generations. Consequently, as we pursue our objective, we prioritise our social responsibilities. To do this, we begin with our workforce, the largest functioning component of the social structure. To keep them in excellent health and a cheerful state of mind, we conduct medical checkups, meditation camps, prayer gatherings, and sports, to which we invite the surrounding residents.

Waste Disposal

The post-processing waste is sieved and properly disposed of. We take care to bring in materials from which the majority of residual matter is biodegradable and returns to the Earth.

Energy Consumption

Having invested in intelligent equipment that consumes less electricity is a boon. The equipment deployed by us operates swiftly but quietly. So, no noisy rustle!

Coming of Green Chemistry

Green chemistry is the development of chemical products and processes that minimize or eliminate the production of harmful chemicals. At Asli Ayurveda, we use ingredients derived from techniques that generate the fewest possible chemicals, hence causing minimal environmental damage.

Water Footprint

No impact is made on the water component of the environment; we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to reduce our water footprint.

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