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Classical Ayurvedic formulations are those present in the traditional Ayurvedic textbooks such as  Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita etc. The manufacturing company follows the same formula and prepares the products. 

Classical formulations by Asli Ayurveda are processed strictly adhering to the Ayurvedic rulebook. Now, what makes Asli  unique from the rest ! Everything that comes of Asli Ayurveda, from the store room for keeping the raw materials, to the pulverizing station, the oil extraction unit, the finished goods store, Vedic chants fill the air everywhere. 

An encouraging and work friendly environment ensures the happiness of Asli Smiths who work to process your order and fill it with elevated energies. And of course, the raw materials, which are authentic, are procured in small batches from the places away from the sight of pollutants. 

Health is what we wish, Success is what we aim.

Authentic products is what we give, Coherence is what we labour about.

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Categorization of Classical Ayurvedic Formulations


Ark(Distillation of herbs) is fresh distilled herbs. The steam of boiled herbs is collected, cooled and liquefied. The end product is the purest essence of the item that was boiled and is enriched with all of its essential properties. This is Ark.

Light in nature and easy on the stomach, arks are used to treat common digestive problems such as indigestion, diarrhoea, acidity, gas and bloating.

Authentic Herbs …Amalgamated with Vedic Chants …worked upon by Asli Smiths …Asli Ayurveda Ark


Spices, herbs, plant matter and naturally occurring minerals are worked upon as per Ayurveda while the auspice of Vedic mantras swirl into the process to make the Pak which bears ‘Asli Ayurveda’ upon it. 

Choose from the buffet of Asli Ayurveda Paks to meet your need.

Vigor and Vitality, Immunity, Bone Strength, Good Digestion 

Progress with Purity …Asli Ayurveda Pak


The powdered herbs are macerated with honey or guggulu and rolled into pills or cooked with jaggery / guggulu and shaped into tablets. Ayurvedic pills or tablets are also commonly available to get rid of various diseases. 

Aiding relief from common health problems from headache and diabetes to sexual health issues, Vati is quite effective in general wellness.

Grown of good soil, such plant matter forms the raw material of Asli Vati.

Asli Ayurveda ….Health assured !


Taila (Medicated Oil) is the seeds / leaves of a single herb or a combination of herbs processed into oils for skin, hair and joint problems. The process involves boiling the base oil with herbal juice or paste and heating till the water evaporates and oil remains in the cast. 

The tailam which bears the name Asli Ayurveda, has authentic – natural, herbs and minerals worked upon in sterlized, sanitized conditions. 


Avaleh (jams or paste) or Lehyam is a jam-like product prepared by mixing the herbs with different ingredients like gur (jaggery)and boiling with Swarasa (herb juice) . 

Asli Avaleha is the nourishment of herbs with their best nutritional worth to improve your immunity and digestive function. 

Authentic Plant Matter Processed in Spiritual Air ….for an Agile you !


The ‘Ghrita’, also known as medicated ghee is the Ayurvedic medicinal preparation in which ghee is processed with some herbal decoctions and fresh paste of herbs, selected as per the formula mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts. Regular consumption of Ghrita improves the functioning of sensory organs and helps build better immunity. Desi ghee from milk of cows reared on organically fertilized, green pastures ; free from pollution and pesticides is used in the making of Asli Ghrita.


Churna (powder) is the dried powder of raw herbs, sieved into a fine powder which is mixed with other natural ingredients.

Its consumption improves the liver and kidney function and keeps the blood glucose level in control.

Authentic herbs, handpicked, washed and pulverized in sanitized conditions …mixed with the auspice of Vedic Chants.


Bhasma (purified calcinations) is the fine ayurvedic powder which comes from Bhasmikarna …the process of calcination of the metals, minerals and organics products in closed kilns lit upon cow dung cakes under high temperatures.  An excellent cardiac tonic, Bhasma is a natural immunity booster and an antioxidant.

At Asli Ayurveda, we get the authentic, hand picked raw material from the back of beyond and process it under strict invigilation to keep the nutritional content of the Bhasma intact. 


Oleo-gum resin or Guggulu comes of Mukul Myrrh tree which is used as a binding agent in the making of Vati (ayurvedic tablets). Guggulu’s unique property of decreasing cholesterol level and being a natural anti-inflammatory makes it an effectively essential ingredient of the Ayurvedic medicines.

Harvested from the arid, rocky tracts of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka in India, Guggulu is processed using traditional Vedic methods under the spell of vedic chants to become Asli Ayurveda. 

Ras Rasayan

Rasa is nutrient fluid, while ‘Ayana’ means a way. Thus, Ayurveda Rasayana’s defense mechanism stresses upon making the inner body powerful and prohibits the bacteria from invading. Rasa Rasayana revitalize the body’s functioning, strengthen Dhatus, Strotasas and maintain the equilibrium of Tridosha.

Asli Ayurveda Rasa Rasayana are undisputedly efficient in nurturing the efficiency of human health owing to the optimum nutritional content. 

Asava & Arishta

The herbs in Churna or Kwatha form are soaked in jaggery / sugar solution which is  allowed to undergo Sandhana Kriya (fermentation). It generates alcohol which facilitates the extraction of active compounds present in the herbs which is called Asava / Arishta.

Asava/Arishta promotes health and well-being. 

Manage your digestive and metabolic disorders better with Asli Asava as it bears the natural medicinal qualities of hand picked herbs, traditionally processed as per the Ayurvedic rulebook.

Kwath / Kashaya

Asli Ayurveda follows the  kwatha vidhi of Sushruta Samhita in which the filtered decoction called Kwath or Kashaya is obtained after boiling a mixture of herbs with 16 times water under low flame for a prolonged period till the volume is reduced to one eighth.

Effective for good muscles, nerves and bone, regular consumption of Kwath improves the skin texture besides healing the renal and hepatic disorders. A great medicine, it works about cardiovascular and urinary tract problems as well. 

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