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Ayurvedic Formulations

Classical Formulations

The Classical Ayurvedic Formulations are made from naturally occurring base materials that have been handled in line with Ayurvedic principles, under the supervision of skilled Baidyas and Acharyas.  In order to preserve the nutritional integrity of these formulations’ constituents, a great deal of the equipment utilised in their production is traditional and manufactured from Ayurvedic-recommended materials. 

Classical Ayurvedic formulations are those found in traditional Ayurvedic literature including the Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, among several others. Asli prepares the products using the exact ancient formulation from the scriptures. Asli Ayurveda processes its traditional formulas according to the Ayurvedic code. Now, what sets Asli apart from the rest? – Vedic chants permeate the entirety of the Asli Ayurveda complex, from the raw materials storage area to the pulverising station, the manufacturing area, and the finished goods storage area.


Nothing but distillation of herbs.


Spices, herbs, plant matter and naturally occurring minerals are worked upon as per Ayurveda while the auspice of Vedic mantras swirl into the process to make the Pak which bears 'Asli Ayurveda' upon it. Choose from the buffet of Asli Ayurveda Paks to meet your need. Vigor and Vitality; Immunity; Bone Strength; Good Digestion. Progress with Purity ...Asli Ayurveda Pak.


Vati is the term for Ayurvedic tablets or pills. Vati(s) are tablet-shaped preparations of various herbs or minerals.


Liquid or semisolid dosage forms that are intended for internal and external use. Tailas are preparations made by boiling tail (oil) with the prescribed Kasaya (infusion) and kalkas of the medicine, according to the formula. This procedure guarantees absorption of the ingredients' active therapeutic principles.


It is a paste or jam-like product that is made by mixing herbs with different ingredients like gur (jaggery) and sharkara (sugar or sugar candy) and boiling them with Swarasa (herb juice) or Kwatha or Kashaya. It is also called Lehyam (decoction).


Ghrita (ghee) has been the most important ingredient in Indian cooking for ages. According to the Ayurvedic literature, there are eight types of ghee derived from eight distinct types of animal milk, with ghee derived from cow's milk being the finest.


The term "Churna" refers to a powdered substance. The Churna is created by blending dried, powdered, and sieved raw herbs, which are then blended with additional substances.


An ayurvedic metallic/mineral preparation, treated with herbal juices or decoction and exposed to a specified amount of heat as per the puta system of Ayurveda, and generally recommended for the treatment of numerous diseases.


Commonly referred to as "Pura," which literally translates as "wards off sickness." It is utilised as a commercial source of "gum guggul." oleogum-resin is the principal bioactive component of Guggul (a mixture of an oil and yellowish or brownish fluid secreted from the plant stem or bark). This oleo-gum resin is reported to possess medicinal properties.

Ras Rasayan

This medication is optimal for middle-aged patients, and its prompt use can prevent the onset of degeneration. Asli Ayurveda Rasa Rasayana are undisputedly efficient in nurturing the efficiency of human health owing to the optimum nutritional content. Reliable & Robust ....Asli Rasa Rasayana

Asava & Arishta

Fermented liquid medicines. Created by soaking the herbs in a solution comprising jaggery or sugar, either in the powdered form, Churna, or the liquid form, Kashaya or Kwatha. This mixture will be subjected to Sandhana Kriya (fermentation). It generates alcohol, which promotes the extraction of herbs' active ingredients.

Kwath / Kashaya

Also known as Samhita, it is a filtered decoction produced by boiling a blend of herbs with 16 times its weight in water over a long period of time until the volume is decreased by to eighth. It is utilised as a precursor in the manufacture of various dosage forms or as a medication itself.

Ayurvedic Proprietary Formulations

The Asli R&D division is comprised of famous research scientists, Baidyas, and Acharyas with vast training expertise who are entrusted with developing and inventing new formulations. Asli Ayurvedic’s proprietary ayurveda products are derived from pure and genuine minerals and natural materials that have been sterilely processed to maintain the optimum nutrient content. You may select from a broad selection of clinically verified and safe Ayurvedic Proprietary products.

Body, Hair and Personal Care Essentials

The concept of using herbs for beautification is well defined in Ayurveda. The cosmetic preparations are used for worship and for sensual enjoyment in India since the vedic period. The external application of kajala, tilaka, aguru, chandana, haridra etc to Gods and Goddesses are seen in many rituals of India. In Ayurveda, Cosmetics are widely described as Varnya, Kustaghna, Kandughna, Vayasthapak, etc. Some medicinal plants like Haridra, Chandana, Amalaki, Ghritkumari, Ritha, Bhringaraj etc. have been prescribed for beautification of skin, hair, etc. 

The wide range of Asli Body Essentials makes one experience the motherly care of natural stuff ethically cultivated, handpicked and traditionally processed under the spell of Vedic chants.

Nutraceutical Range

Nutraceutical is derived from ‘nutrient,’ which is a nourishing food components.  The philosophy behind nutraceuticals is to focus on prevention. Their role in human nutrition is one of the most important areas of investigation, with wide-ranging implications for consumers, healthcare providers, regulators, food producers and distributors. Nutraceutical is a pharmaceutical alternative that claims physiological benefits and aims to control a disease or condition related to a certain diet; it is composed of Plants, Animals, and Natural Minerals. Nutraceuticals may be used to promote health, prevent chronic diseases, delay the ageing process and increase life expectancy, or simply to support the body’s functions and structure. 

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