Founder Note


I Just landed Here – in the Grace of Ayurveda!

Having been born and raised in a family where life always revolved around Religious and Spiritual Practices, it was natural for me to get inclined towards the ethos of ANCIENT INDIAN WISDOM very early in my life.

The then education system which always tried to shape the mindset to choose to become a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, etc. never attracted me. I had this clarity as a student, that I would be an ENTREPRENEUR once I grow up and a true understanding of ENTREPRENEURSHIP to me, also came from my exposure to the old Indian schools of learning where the objective of setting up a business was always about adding value in the lives of people who subscribe to your business.

This approach of working for VALUE ADDITION and not VALUATION brought me many REWARDS all life in my journey as an Entrepreneur. Impeccable Academic Credentials, laurels all my way, Life brought me beautiful rewards in all aspects. Having successfully built many businesses across varied sectors like Manufacturing Export, Health, Lifestyle, Networking Marketing, etc., I still felt an intense Longing for more and then…..

I distinctly understood the importance of inner well-being and the importance of Spirituality as a mainstream practice and… … …

I finally arrived at the YOGA

Because nothing else seemed to settle me. Ever since I got initiated into YOGA by my MASTER. SADHGURU, my perspective towards life and livelihood both got transformed and convinced me to set up an enterprise in sync with YOGA and this is how the idea of AYURVEDA happened to me. Sooner, with immense pain, I discovered the lack of authenticity in the modern-day ecosystem where majorly, it has become just another Business.

Then after, I took a pledge to embark on a transformative entrepreneurial journey and turned into a lifelong student of AYURVEDA. As a manifestation of this, with the Blessings of SADHGURU, I mothered ASLI AYURVEDA a world-class manufacturing facility to support BEAUTY and WELLNESS brands across the Globe, with ONE STOP SOLUTION for all their Contract Manufacturing Needs with Authenticity, Integrity and Purity of AYURVEDA!


Mr. Mohit Sardana

(ASLI AYURVEDA Wellness Pvt. Ltd.)

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