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Ayurveda is a way of life – wiser, healthier and in unison with Mother Nature. Resorting to Ayurveda helps you a healthy navigation through life.

 Aushadham is about streamlining Ayurveda in the daily routine of the mankind. Herbal formulations at Aushadham are based on the principles of Ayurveda which treat the root cause of the ailment. 

In that order, we facilitate the Ayurveda practitioners by making them meet the requirement about classical Ayurvedic formulations.

Aushadham’s range of classical ayurvedic formulae, comes of authentic herbs ethically procured of good farming and minerals found in natural state.

This primal matter is processed amalgamating traditional and contemporary methods, strictly adhering to the Ayurvedic rulebook at our state of the art manufacturing unit at Karnal. To suit this and harvest optimum results about the products, the apparatus under which the raw material is processed is both – vernacular and modern. Vernacular, to keep the nature and nutrition of the matter intact, while contemporary apparatus takes care of the commercial purpose.

The entire setup of Aushadham is Eco Friendly and to no such practice we resort which hampers Mother Nature.

Some of the Key features of our company listed below:

Benefits of Procuring Your Medicines from Aushadham

Post pandemic, Ayurvedic medicines are sought after globally.  To cater to the exponential demand and be a trustworthy name in the health sector by retaining the authenticity, at Aushadham you meet with all the solutions, under one roof as we nearly cover all the formulations falling under classical Ayurveda.


Being a potential collaborator with Aushadham, you are going to amplify your practice as an Ayurvedic practitioner owing to the best quality, effective products with optimal results.

You only Focus on Your Practice

When you join hands with us, your concern about resourcing the medicine part reaches a solution as we take care there.

You can focus upon your practice in which you stand second to none. 

Save Money and Time – As manufacturing ayurvedic products requires capital and efforts, you save your time as at Aushadham, your worry comes to a fullstop.

  • We commit to providing quick delivery of products
  • Each product comes packed in an impressive, eco friendly and cost effective casing.
  • Both quality control and quality assurance measurements are followed by us.
  • Aushadham is linked with the logistic distributors that are very efficient in delivering the products across PAN India. 

Mission & Vision

Aushadham aims at charting the zenith in the healthcare sector by making available pure Ayurvedic, dependable and effective solutions to brand owners and medical practitioners.

At Aushadham, we envision Ayurveda as an effortless and an easy resort to the humanity.

Aushadham is about

  • Trouble free availability of holistic healthcare products to Ayurvedic medicine practitioners.
  • Securing best satisfaction about the customers and end consumers.
  • Top the ayurvedic healthcare sector in India and overseas.
  • Cause effective improvement in the ayurvedic drug solutions.

Aushadham Strength

  • Aushadham guarantees thorough professionalism
  • Consumer’s health is our priority
  • Aushadham’s worth is about integrity which ensures no downfall in quality.

Trusted Indian Manufacturers of Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Trusted Indian Manufacturers of Ayurvedic & Herbal Products