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Besides keeping the outer body clean and look happy, Body Essentials supports your body and many of its organs from diseases and decay. 

Ancient Humans used scented oils and ointments to clean and make their skin supple. Oils protected their skin from the sun, the wind and even masked their body odours. Heavy make-up around the eyes, besides being a beauty statement, was believed to ward off inauspicious spirits.

The concept of using herbs for beautification is well defined in Ayurveda. The cosmetic preparations are used for worship and for sensual enjoyment in India since the vedic period. The external application of kajala, tilaka, aguru, chandana, haridra etc to Gods and Goddesses are seen in many rituals of India. In Ayurveda, Cosmetics are widely described as Varnya, Kustaghna, Kandughna, Vayasthapak, etc. Some medicinal plants like Haridra, Chandana, Amalaki, Ghritkumari, Ritha, Bhringaraj etc. have been prescribed for beautification of skin, hair, etc.

Cosmetics contribute to wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.  Washing hands with soap can help prevent serious illness arising out of pathogens. The exceeding cost of dental treatment arising out of tooth or gum decay owing to tartar and plaque can be easily diminished by using toothpaste. 

So far, the only established causal factor for melanoma (skin cancer) is the exposure to ultra violet radiation. Regular use of sunscreen may bleak the chances of melanoma. 

The wide range of Asli Body Essentials makes one experience the motherly care of natural stuff ethically cultivated, handpicked and traditionally processed under the spell of Vedic chants.

Become the source of bringing such wonder to your consumer and manifest your brand name about global recognition by collaborating with Asli Ayurveda, for real is the only thing you want.

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