Consumer Genome Mapping

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DNA is ones gene bank which encloses crucial details, like the predisposition to genetic disorders, nutritional requirements, metabolic potential, drug response, immunity, ancestral linkages etc. 

Asli Genome Vaidyaki testing qualifies the user to take control of ones health and elevate the quality of life in a good measure. Taking this test, the consumer allow oneself a personalized nutritional profiling, fitness regime and healthcare recommendations.

Through genome mapping, the location of a specific gene on a particular region of the chromosome is figured out and also, the location and relative distances between other genes on that chromosome is determined.

Asli Genome Vaidyaki  rests its plinth on a holistic approach based on thousands of years of Ayurvedic experience. It is an integrated system that considers body, mind and spirit. Our Baidyas are not restricted to the mere use of drugs. While herbal drugs are used, lifestyle modification remains the bedrock of treatment with Asli. We guide through lifestyle modifications prescribed by Ayurveda which encompasses the entire process of personality— including mental attitude, the nature of ones body and personal philosophy peculiar to ones being. This is how at Asli, we approach at the diseases and attempt to treat the root cause by aiding to alter ones environment – inside and out. 

We wish that each Asli Genome Mapping kit results blank of ailments . And for otherwise, with our team of experienced Baidyas, who would predict and personalize Ayurvedic medicines and a summary to alter the lifestyle habits to understand the complex genetics of the disease, if any and identify factors that predispose individuals to such diseases and predict their progression and treatment outcome .

Ayurvedic drugs have been found to perform very well against chronic ailments due to which they are also attracting attention about diseases for which there are no (or inadequate) drugs for treatment in the modern medicine, such as metabolic and degenerative disorders. Most of these diseases have multifactorial causation and it is aware that in such circumstances, a combination of drugs, acting at a number of targets concurrently, is likely to be more effective than drugs acting at one target.

Asli ayurvedic drugs, to which we refer as Asli Aushadhis and food supplements which are often multi-component, have a special impact on such conditions.

It begins with an easy kit and ends in perpetual health and happiness !