Core Values

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Withstanding its nomenclature, everything labelled ‘Asli Ayurveda’ has its raw materials hand-picked and hand-sifted of ethical farming from jungles, organic farms and places at the back of beyond where fumes don’t hover. Following the ancient methods which keep the nutrition component intact, this primal matter is processed adhering to the ayurvedic rulebook. Authenticity confirms with Asli Ayurveda as it ought to be.
It is under the charm of Vedic Mantras at every point on the line of production that Asli Ayurveda reaches you.


The safety of the environment and natural resources is our topmost priority. In small batches, we only take as much from Mother Earth that can be replenished soon. Asli Ayurveda is firm at being cautious and careful about the needs of the global human community and kingdom animalia.


The plinth of Asli Ayurveda is well being at large. This foundation only gets stronger as the consumer finds health and happiness handy with Asli products. We are stubborn about being loyal to our consumers which makes us walk extra miles and go out of the way to process nothing but the best authentic products. To this end, adept Baidyas and prominent scholars of Ayurveda form the Asli Research and Development team.


Uncompromising fairness in manufacturing makes us breathe in relief that we are garnering good actions about ourselves. Integrity brings us the satisfaction about being the best and growth about our entrepreneurial endeavours.