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 Ayurveda holds that the key to good health – and good gut health – begins with digestion. Good health is a reflection of our ability to digest anything – whether nutritional, emotional or sensory. 

Agni or the digestive fire helps us digest everything that we take in. 

Ama or toxic accumulation causes ailments in the system. When our digestive fire is strong, we’re able to effectively break down the food we eat, absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. Weak agni may accumulate Ama leading to ailments.

Gut related health hazards cause gastrointestinal diseases, eg. strictures, stenosis, hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, colon polyps, colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease, constipation,  IBS (irregular bowel syndrome) etc. 

Lifestyle choices and post COVID 19 repercussions see an alarming number of digestion related cases cropping up. To serve the requirement of a trustworthy resort to such digestive issues, it is a panel of prominent Baidyas and an experienced R&D Team at Asli Ayurveda Wellness Private Limited which work about digestive care solutions for the brands in the healthcare arena by contract manufacturing a wide range of products under the banner of gut wellness.

As merchandisers in the sea of nutraceutical industry, what would make you stand out 

uniquely is letting your product come of natural – authentic raw materials procured of ethical farming and processed in a way which keeps the nutrient quotient optimum at Asli’s site which is equipped with traditional kitchens and ancient vernacular equipment besides the  nearest new machinery. All this, under the spell of Vedic chants with Asli Ayurveda Wellness Private Limited. 

Allow your consumers a carefree life as they rely upon you and you trust us, for it must be nothing but real, pure and Asli. 

The only something good to digest is Happiness & Success 

To be at the Zenith in the Health Care sector

Be Authentic, Collaborate with Asli …Settle for Nothing Less