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Owing to changes in their bodies from the 1st periods of their life to their old age, women are vulnerable to a spectrum of health issues. Even her unborn child is affected by the lifestyle choices made by the mother during her productive time.


 Female hormones are almost essential factors as they play a significant role in different emotional and physiological changes.


 In Ayurveda, the deficiency of Vata dosha is the primary cause of multiple health problems in women and describes garbha (foetus – baby in womb) as a combination of various factors: maternal, paternal, mental, dietary and factors related to the body and soul. These paternal and maternal factors can be improved by following the right guidelines, of which, one is Ayurvedic diet and herbs.

The endocrine system in females is dominant, with specific hormonal seasons. Menstruation is the monthly elimination of unused fertility juices. The process of menstruation clearly divides women’s life into two 

phases ; Woman during the years of menstruation, After menopause.

Cooperating with her in making this world happier and healthier, Asli Ayurveda has a variety 

of wellness products, each of which is useful to her at some point in time.

In her wellbeing, lies the prosperity of entire mankind. To combat the issues arising out of physiological factors, lifestyle, genetics etc. Asli  Ayurveda goes extra miles to procure hard to find, ethically cultivated natural organic matter and minerals which are processed as per the Ayurvedic rulebook, under the guidance of adroit Baidyas and our R&D experts at the manufacturing plant, which in itself is an institution about complete wellness – physical and spiritual. 

To suit the purpose of contract manufacturing, the factory is furnished with the tried and tested traditional Ayurvedic Yantra (equipment) and contemporary machines which work about the natural primal matter (shatavari, ashwagandha, aloe vera etc) in a design which maintains the nutritional component of the ingredients intact, as it is. All this happens as the Vedic chants from the Asli’s in house consecrated temple, fill the air .

You want to make her life easy and appreciate her beauty – inside and out, we have for you, an elaborate buffet to choose from. 

Vati, Churna, Swaras, Avaleh, tablets, syrups, sachets, Powders etc. and so many other formulae in the list of Classical and Proprietary products, besides the nutraceuticals.

Products about Bone strength, better skin and hair, good haemoglobin and natural remedies to issues regarding female health such as extreme menstrual bleeding, sex drive, urinary tract infections, anxiety, depression, paranoia, stress, phobia, emotional instability, weight management etc. fall under the umbrella of Her Health list of products. 

Already serving the exponential demand about the health products for females, Asli invites potential partnership with like minded business moguls and entrepreneurs in the wellness sector by contract manufacturing for their brand.

Coming Together About Global Well Being

Prosperity Grows Manifold In Uniting.