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Considering the lifestyle choices and electromagnetic traffic, health problems are rising at an alarming rate, one of which is sexual issues with men. 

Some of the common sexual problems in males are erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems besides Enlarged prostate, Depression, Heart healt, Loss of libido, Male hypogonadism, Male infertility, Penile infection, Prostate cancer, Sexually Transmitted diseases (STDs), Urinary incontinence, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Varicocele, Anorgasmia, Blood in semen (Hematospermia), Delayed puberty, Fatigue, Low Sperm Count, Andropause, Testicular pain.

A holistic approach towards life, Ayurveda counts the combined role of the nervous system, cardiovascular system and other psychological aspects of fertility and male sexual performance about which, it suggests suitable plant-based remedies besides a proper lifestyle.

For general well-being, performing well during the love making process and for procreation, it is necessary that a man consumes that which supports his health.

To cater to the growing demand of such reliable edibles, Asli Ayurveda, a one stop solution about contract manufacturing, stands different from the rest as each product is diligently manufactured with utmost care.

Adhering to the Ayurvedic rulebook, the R&D team and our Baidyas guide the Asli Smith’s about processing authentic raw materials which are organic matter and minerals (Asparagus, Gokshura, Nutmeg, Clove, Saffron, Kaunch Beej etc) in a manner which keeps the nutrients work on the body optimally and work best to prevent the above mentioned health issues with men at bay, making them stronger.

This happens as the Vedic chants infuse the elevated energies into the on going process at the manufacturing site which is equipped with both – traditional Ayurvedic apparatus and contemporary machinery.

The manufacture of Asli Ayurveda, which would bear your label ‘ll make the consumer loyal to your brand for he’d feel immensely benefitted. 

So, your search for a dependable contract manufacturer stops at Asli, where you get to choose from a broad spectrum of Ayurvedic Products (classical, proprietary)and nutraceuticals.

We stand determined to encourage the budding entrepreneurs and be a trustworthy base for the magnates in the health sector.

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