Infrastructure & Capacity

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Infrastructure & Capacity

In the Asli Ayurveda’s factory, stands a consecrated temple of which Vedic chants flow around the clock to keep the energies of our Asli staff elevated and infuse auspice into the products.

Infrastructure & Capacity

An ISO – GMP certified, Ayush – registered and adhering to all GMP standards during the formulation, production and post production processes, Asli Ayurveda is confident of the trailblazing techniques wed to contemporary equipment and ancient traditional methods, based in Karnal, Haryana over a spread of 40,000 square feet ground .

Different wings for different areas of production. Separate Enteries to let in and out.


Traditional apparatus makes the Ayurvedic wing at the production unit as it is authentic methods used to process the items falling under the Classical list.


The nearest new machines planted at our manufacturing unit boost our confidence about serving bulky and qualitative orders with cost effectiveness.


With the state of the art and eco - friendly apparatus, we assure producing every nutraceutical number with finesse and a timely dispatch.


Capacitated to produce Ayurvedic Edibles, Body Essentials and Nutraceuticals in variant forms, we claim on going beyond the client's expectations by having them find everything under a single roof.