Kids Health 

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Good health during infancy and growing up years is quite significant as it lays the plinth for a sound adult. Every parent’s priority is child centric and their health is a major concern. As well, it is a social responsibility about everybody to endow the offsprings and the coming generations with the best resources out of which, ‘health’ and everything related to being healthy counts first. 

Authentic minerals and pure organic matter (amla, tulsi, haldi, saunth, badaam etc) are processed in a design which keeps the nutrient quotient intact at the manufacturing unit of Asli Ayurveda Wellness Private Limited, which is furnished with traditional, Ayurvedic apparatus and contemporary machinery to suit the needs of producing the best formulations for little humans to be big and bright.

Adhering to ‘Kumarbhrtya’, the branch in Ayurveda dedicated to the u0growth and development of a child, it is in the ambience of Vedic chants, under the strict invigilation of adept Baidyas and brainstorming of Asli R&D team, we contract manufacture products (classical ayurvedic & proprietary, nutraceuticals) to serve the needs of kids as they grow up.

Be it the digestive health of the kids as it is regarded as the cornerstone of healthy well being or the bone – tissue strength, eyesight, cerebral development, height – weight and general immunity to resist the ailments arising out of pollution, deficiency of nutrients, 

congenital issues, allergies , haemoglobin quality etc, at Asli Ayurveda, we cater to every aspect of children’s growth.

Our aim is manifold. First, to let health and global well being flourish. 

Second, to facilitate the budding entrepreneurs in the nutraceutical  sector and grow our family. Third is to build potential collaboration with the stalwarts in the health arena in order to leave a mark for being responsible business partners.

We Grow, As You Rise.

With Asli Ayurveda, it is Trustworthy Ties.