Kwath / Kashaya

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Kwath / Kashaya

Asli Kwath

Asli Ayurveda follows the  kwatha vidhi of Sushruta Samhita in which the filtered decoction called Kwath or Kashaya is obtained after boiling a mixture of herbs with 16 times water under low flame for a prolonged period till the volume is reduced to one eighth.

Effective for good muscles, nerves and bone, regular consumption of Kwath improves the skin texture besides healing the renal and hepatic disorders. A great medicine, it works about cardiovascular and urinary tract problems as well. 

Of nourishing matter, processed following the authentic methods of Ayurveda, pick from the range of Asli Kwaths as per your need. 

Keen about Health … Kwath / Kashaya from Asli Ayurveda