Surya Kriya

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'Surya' means 'sun' and 'kriya' means 'inner energy process'. SuryaKriya is a gentle, slow-paced, 21-step process which aligns you with the sun - the basic powerhouse for this planet.

Surya Kriya activates the solar plexus to raise the solar heat, in the system and balances a person’s left and right energy channels, leading to stability of the body and stillness of the mind. This strong foundation becomes the basis to explore higher dimensions of life.

An ancient and powerfully energising Hatha Yoga practice to activate the ‘fire within’, leading to enhanced levels of energy.

At Asli Ayurveda, SuryaKriya is taught with simple, guided instructions by an accredited Isha Hatha Yoga teacher, and can be practiced thereafter at home.

For those who aspire to take their mind – body equilibrium at a certain level, must resort to learning SuryaKriya.

Surya Kriya …Living Without Friction

-as explained by Sadhguru

Activating the Sun Within You with Surya Kriya

Certain times and days in life run smooth and stressfree while few days are heavy and taxing. Despite the fact that you give in your complete self, still it is riddled with friction? Is this repulsion, situation oriented or within yourself ? 

Sadhguru elucidated this for us. “Every part of you, every dimension of who you are either can run smoothly or can run with a lot of friction. The idea of Hatha Yoga is to knead the system – not just the physical body – to knead the whole system in such a way that all these frictions are smoothened out in such a way that after 

some time if you sit here, there is absolutely no sense of friction within you. Only if it becomes like that, can you deal with the outside with a phenomenal ease and capability.”

Surya Kriya is a phenomenal process in that direction to bring smoothness to your system, oils you well, refueling you to come in sync with the solar system, of which you are a part.

The Process of Surya Kriya

It takes around twelve years, three months and some few days to complete one solar cycle.

The process of Surya Kriya is to enlarge the cycles of your being in such a way that your energy system’s cycle synchronize with the solar cycles.

Your energy system should take exactly the same time as it taken by the solar cycles. When such a point is reached, your life becomes hassle free and your system will run without any kind of friction. Whatever little aberrations one is born with or has acquired in the process of living, all are mellowed.

Surya Kriya assists you in reaching this point

Solar Power , Earth and You

Surya – the Sun, the mitochondria of this planet.

Life on Earth is possible owing to the right conditions,  of which ‘SOLAR POWER’ is one important facet.

All life on this planet is solar powered. Food – cultivation and cooking, our mundanes, everything is Solar Energy centric.

If you ride the with the solar cycle, as explained, you move towards a space within and around yourself where circumstances are not in any way intrusive or obstruct the process of life.

On getting the geometry right, you can download the whole cosmos. It takes a lot of work, adjusting and readjusting to come to a point where it is just perfect. If we reach there, then we’ll set fire to it which is called initiation. We can set fire to the process and it will become a phenomenal practice of bringing physiological and psychological well-being on one level and becoming a powerful system to ride the cycles of the sun.

Benefits of Practicing Surya Kriya

How is Surya Kriya different from Surya Namaskar ?

Surya namaskar on other hand is a traditional method which includes seven asanas repeated to make a set of 24 steps. Each step involves exhlation /inhalation, concentrating on a particular part of body ( Chakra) and chanting a Mantra, complete process balances nervous system, endocrinal glands system,blood circulation, stretching whole body, toning of muscles , increases concentration, removes mental stress, regulates joints of the body etc.

Reasons To Learn Surya Kriya

  • Grab your ‘me’ time as you hustle through the day. Somewhere in between waking up, getting through traffic to work, making your point at meetings, meeting deadlines, catching the train and deciding what to make for dinner, you forget to live. Catch some breath and realize your time about yourself.
  • Surya Kriya makes you experience the vacation you yearn for months.
  • Must not your physical condition hurdle upon your spiritual journey. Bringing you to a point where your body favours it, Surya Kriya is designed to enhance the effects of meditation and keep you alert, awake and alive.
  • Once you’ve tried Surya Kriya, seasonal ailments like cough, cold won’t near you soon and easy.
  • The science of yoga has always placed emphasis on the importance of the spine in human development. In terms of positive effects on the spine (brain), Surya Kriya is a confident resort.
  • Surya Kriya is an original practice which focusses on achieving an alignment with the Sun of which flow other yogic exercises, like Surya Namaskar
  • Thus, Surya Kriya is more than just postures and the breath but an exploration of the geometry of the body and its relation to the solar system

Krishna is believed to practise Surya Kriya every day on the battlefield during the epic battle in the Mahabharat. Krishna – a Yogi, laid an example about the power of this exercise. And if this is something that Gods practise, it can certainly benefit you.

Invest few hours to learn Surya Kriya (a 20 minute practice) from adept Yoga experts at Asli Ayurveda to reap a lifetime of health and emotional bliss.

With adroit teachers, certified of Isha foundation, you want to begin your happy journey