In the last few years, the demand for Ayurvedic products has increased tenfold, which has led to a rise in third-party manufacturing to ensure the round-the-clock availability of products. Since Surat is known as one of the most popular industrial cities in India, it has now also become a major spot for Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing due to the rising demand for Ayurvedic products in the city. Asli Ayurveda emerged as the major third-party manufacturer in Surat, which has changed the industry like never before.

Know the evolving Ayurvedic industry in Surat.

Surat has always been known for its glorious industries. In the recent past, the Ayurvedic industry has created a lot of buzz in the bustling city. The city’s years-old heritage of herbal medicine and Ayurvedic formulations has brought the Ayurvedic essence back into the picture and transformed it into a potential business opportunity for startups. The city now has multiple Ayurvedic third-party manufacturers, and Asli Ayurveda comes out as the leading third-party Ayurvedic products manufacturer In Surat.

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What does Asli Ayurveda do?

In this ever-evolving space of the Ayurveda industry, Asli Ayurveda stands tall to fill the vacuum in the supply chain. It is a leading and biggest third-party Ayurvedic product manufacturer and offers a versatile range of natural supplements, herbal medicines, dietary supplements, tailams, formulations, and customized products as per the brand’s or client’s requirements. The brand has years of expertise, a state-of-the-art facility, and a team of experts to cater to a variety of clients without any interruption or delay. That’s why it has now become Surat’s most trusted third-party Ayurvedic products manufacturer. 

Reasons why Asli Ayurveda is the most sought-after third-party Ayurvedic Products Manufacturing Company In Surat

In today’s world, certification talks volumes about authenticity and reliability. Asli Ayurveda doesn’t leave any stone unturned to offer the highest levels of quality in its products. Every product goes through strict quality checks and periodic inspections. On top of that, the company holds multiple certifications that are given after stringent quality checks by the leading regulatory authorities.

The company also has a trained team of customer support to help clients with the market, marketing services, licensing and regulatory guidance, compliance matters, and product-related issues to keep them away from any problems in the future.

Asli Ayurveda knows how to survive in the cutthroat competition. Hence, it offers highly competitive pricing to clients and brands to help them make profits without struggling in the market. The company’s marketing and research teams consistently scan the market rates and customers’ requirements to create on-demand products and let brands grow in the market.

Asli Ayurveda has outshined various Ayurvedic third party manufacturers in Surat because the company puts clients’ requirements on top and is ready to customize its products. Every product or formulation can be customized across all categories, including dietary supplements, herbal cosmetics, medicines, syrups, tailums, etc. The tailored products are offered to foster long-term partnerships and help brands target their market without looking similar. Be it formulations, branding, packaging, or labeling, the company offers complete flexibility and customization.

Asli Ayurveda’s product catalog

 When it comes to the product range, Asli Ayurveda offers a rich catalog covering all prominent categories, including Ayurvedic formulations, herbal cosmetics, dietary supplements, special products, etc. The best part is that each product has the incredible power of organic herbs, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to promote holistic wellness. Hence, it is not just one of the best kumkumadi tailam manufacturers but also a leading Ayurvedic powder manufacturer in India.

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  • Our product range includes nutraceutical and various other products
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Reasons to Choose Asli Ayurveda over Other Third-Party Manufacturers in the Market

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1. Exclusive range of Ayurvedic formulations

Ayurvedic formulations have the essence of ancient Ayurveda, which is to improve your health tenfold. These formulations play a vital role in every Ayurvedic product manufactured by Asli Ayurveda, a renowned Ayurvedic tablets manufacturing company in India. The company offers a wide range of formulations that can be customized as per the client’s product requirements. These formulations have garnered a lot of love and trust from clients and customers in the past. They are the major USPs of Asli Ayurveda.

2. Herbal range of cosmetics

The cosmetics business is booming nowadays. You can also dive into the business, but with organic cosmetics, to make headlines. Asli Ayurveda is one of the supreme third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India which allows you to start your own private label herbal medicines company to sell herbal cosmetics without installing a manufacturing unit. The company offers a wide range of herbal cosmetics, such as facial cleansers, moisturizers, body lotions, skin care creams, etc., that are exclusively prepared with exotic herbs and botanical extracts. They can rejuvenate and amplify your skin without adding any chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

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3. A range of nutraceuticals

Modern life is incomplete without dietary supplements. They fill the deficiency of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs that are essential to improving your digestion, immune system, and blood circulation. Asli Ayurveda, one of the popular third party ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India, offers a wide range of dietary supplements to improve your wellness tenfold. They are formulated with the utmost attention, care, and expertise.


4. Specialty products range

Nowadays, customers look for some special Ayurvedic formulations and supplements to get relief from the symptoms of specific health problems, including acne, aging, vitality, men’s sexual health, low immunity, diabetes, etc. Asli Ayurveda, one of the famous ayurvedic wellness manufacturers in india, offers a rich range of special supplements with authentic and exotic ingredients that are known for their miraculous health benefits. All of them are made up of 100% pure and quality ingredients.

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5. Tailor-made options

Asli Ayurveda is also a leading Ayurvedic capsules manufacturing company in India and offers completely customized products as per your brand’s requirements. You can easily stand out in the market with a unique range of products, as we offer 100% flexible and customized formulations, packaging, labeling, etc. that resonate well with your targeted customers. The best part is that while doing all this, we don’t compromise quality, authenticity, or trust.

How does Asli Ayurveda manufacture products?

Asli Ayurveda, the leading Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing company in Surat, has a massive manufacturing unit where the company has state-of-the-art machinery and a team of experts to handle the large-scale production of Ayurvedic formulations and products. The team of experts and quality checkers runs various quality checks at every stage to ensure the highest level of quality and certifications.


Asli Ayurveda holds multiple certifications and is compliant with regulatory bodies.

Asli Ayurveda pays prime importance to quality and regulatory compliance. To keep brands and clients away from problems, the company holds different legit certifications and is compliant with all major regulatory bodies in the industry. Hence, the company offers the highest quality standards, and one doesn’t need to worry about certifications, licensing, and regulations while selling products. Hence, for contract manufacturing ayurvedic products, it is the name to rely on.

Know Asli Ayurveda’s success stories.

Every company or brand earns reputation and market value through positive feedback and satisfied clients. Asli Ayurveda has earned both from its clients. There are many success stories that you can check out on the official website. From small-scale to large-scale companies, the company has delivered impeccable products to help them scale and grow in the market.

Asli Ayurveda and its commitment to ethical practices and sustainability

Unlike other third-party manufacturers in the market, Asli Ayurveda is committed to ethical and sustainable practices while manufacturing Ayurvedic products. From sourcing to operations, the company is responsible for the environment and people. It sources ingredients from local and organic farms to save the ecological balance.

Asli Ayurveda is committed to growing with its clients.

Asli Ayurveda is focused on growth and success with its clients. The company believes in collective success and cements its position as the leading third-party manufacturer in the market. It has a huge team of experts, researchers, and Ayurvedic experts to take care of research and development to create innovative Ayurvedic formulations to expand the product portfolio in the coming years.

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Final Verdict

Asli Ayurveda, no doubt, is transforming Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing in Surat. The company has become a force to be reckoned with in the city and a guiding light for many upcoming Ayurvedic startups. With its technology-driven and incredible manufacturing facility, the company is ready to fulfill the demand for Ayurvedic products and customized formulations to let every brand grow without being similar. Moreover, Asli Ayurveda is all set to promote holistic wellness in these vulnerable times and spread holistic Ayurveda treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Products Manufacturer in Surat

Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing is a convenient way to outsource the manufacturing of products by upcoming startups and existing brands without setting up their manufacturing unit. It saves money and helps them get expertise from established third-party manufacturers like Asli Ayurveda without worrying too much.

Asli Ayurveda has a comprehensive team of customer experts who are ready to assist you around the clock. Just visit the official website to get instant answers to all your queries.

Yes, it does. For more details, visit the website or get in touch with the customer support team.

Yes, the company allows all of its clients to visit the manufacturing facility to witness the highest level of quality, production expertise, and excellence.

Asli Ayurveda offers a versatile range of Ayurvedic formulations, herbal cosmetics, medicines, dietary supplements, tailams, etc. for third-party manufacturing. Also, the company offers complete customization and tailor-made products as per clients’ requirements.