Licensed Chemistry

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Patent or Proprietary Ayurvedic products are the formulations containing only such ingredients, which are mentioned in the formulae described in the authoritative books of Ayurveda.

Distinction holding research scholars, prominent Baidyas and Acharyas with a trainlong experience form the Asli R&D department who brainstorm over making better the already existing formulae besides developing new ones. The proprietary ayurvedic products manufactured by Asli Ayurveda are born of  pure and authentic minerals and natural matter  which are processed in sterlized conditions in a manner which keeps the nutrient component optimum. Clinically tested and good to be used, you get to choose from a big spread of Ayurvedic Proprietary products.

Prominent Baidyas and Acharyas who have treated innumerable patients with their expertise in Ayurveda, research scholars from esteemed institutions form the Asli Ayurveda’s R&D team. They brainstorm over formulating novel ideas about medicines and body essentials, researching about their efficacy and clinical trials.

Your choice of Asli Ayurveda will make you stand out in the sea of mushrooming wellness brand owners.Vedic chants flowing out of the consecrated in house temple in the manufacturing premises of Asli Ayurveda infuse each product with auspice and elevated energies.

Uncompromising about the purity of raw materials which we procure of the places at the back of beyond, which are processed in sanitized conditions under the able guidance of Asli R&D team. Taditional apparatus, as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts facilitates the optimum effect of the nutrients.

About making healthy and happy associations with the consumers, for

your brand, you want the best. What is real is best.

Asli Ayurveda justifies its nomenclature.

With Asli, the entrepreneurs become veterans and the veterans soar even higher.

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