Botanical Name Agaricus campestris
Family Agaricaceae
Origin Unknown
Description Agaricus campestris is a type of edible mushroom that is commonly known as the field mushroom or meadow mushroom. It has a white cap that can grow up to 10 cm in diameter, and its gills turn pink as the mushroom matures.
Parts Used Fruiting body
Dose The recommended dose of Agaricus campestris varies depending on the intended use and the individual’s age, health, and other factors. It is typically consumed as a food, and there are no established guidelines for medicinal use.

Ayurveda Features

Formulations(Yog) Agaricus campestris is not commonly used in Ayurvedic formulations.
Anti-Dote (Nivaran Dravya) There are no known antidotes for Agaricus campestris overdose or toxicity.
Ayurvedic Properties Guna (Quality): Laghu (light), Ruksha (dry)
Rasa (Taste): Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter)
Vipak (Metabolism): Katu (pungent)
Virya (Potency): Ushna (hot)
Prabhav (Impact): Krimighna (antiparasitic)
Other Names Sanskrit: Chatraka
Hindi: Khumbi
Assamese: Kukorat
Bengali: Khumbi
Kannada: Anabe
Malayalam: Koon
Manipuri: Lamthang
Marathi: Khobara
Oriya: Khumbi
Telugu: Gucchakaya


Distribution Agaricus campestris is found throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, and it is commonly found in grassy fields, meadows, and pastures.
Pharmacognosy Agaricus campestris has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties, and it may have potential therapeutic uses for conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. However, more research is needed to confirm its efficacy and safety.
Cultivation Agaricus campestris can be cultivated on composted horse or cow manure, and it requires a cool, moist environment to grow.
Physical Constituents Agaricus campestris has a fleshy, edible fruiting body with a distinctive aroma and flavor.
Chemical Constituents Agaricus campestris contains various bioactive compounds, including beta-glucans, ergosterol, and phenolic compounds.


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