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Asli Hatha Yoga

Experience bliss and learn for all your times to come from certified Yoga teachers trained by the Isha foundation.

A holistic program for Physical , Emotional and Mental wellbeing.

Aimed at striking physical and mental balance, besides boosting immunity and respiratory health, Asli Hatha Yoga, confidently claims to be a life changing experience as it assists in building innate physical strength and endurance.

Boost your stamina by building physical strength, endurance and cardiovascular activity.


Nadis are the pathways through which pranic energy flows . Balance your energy system and psychological wellbeing by cleaning your NADIS and allowing the URJA(energy) to flow sensitive hurdles.


Fill your lungs with happier and healthier air, improve your lung capacity and respiratory health. Let your immune system be stronger.


Allow the faculties of your being to calm. And with that serenity , you experience bliss. ...let Asli Yogis guide you about your journey inward.


You Become What You Eat ! What food we consume - its quality and quantity , of where it gas grown and cooked ; all this impacts our being - physical and mental.

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